Dear Family 
I miss you guys so much. So much to talk about. First your trip to climb the Tetons looked awesome!  Sick pictures.  Congrats on the summit. DAVID I am proud of you for making it and not quitting. I wish I could have been there with all of you. It  looked like it was a good time.
The CTM (Brazilian Missionary Center) rocks though too.   Its super great.  My compaion is super cool, his name is elder Andersson and he's sick. We are in a room with another tripanionship, they are all sick.  Our district is really cool, I love them all. Elder Coombs is our DL, he's from La Harra, CO hes a strait farm boy. He great gets really pissed when he messes up his Portuguese.  Its funny and he rules with an iron fist hahaha.  Our room is on the 6th floor and we have an awesome view of sao paulo which is freaking HUGE, its unreal so many skyscrapers but i love it.   The sunsets are super pretty its cool.  The food here is really good actually Naff (Nathan) would love it because every meal, we eat lots off meat  and tons of rice and beans. They also have a good soda like the Inca cola we drank in Peru called Guarani, its sooooo good, I love it hahaha.  The language is pretty hard, lot off really wierd sounds but i am getting way better every day.  I can already bear my testimony and pray in Portuguese.  I felt the spirit really strongly the first time here when I bore my testimony in Portuguese, it was way LAYGAL which means cool in portuguese.  But yea life is prety awesome i feel so good every day. I am trying to finish the BOM as fast as i can so i read atleast 10 pages a day.  Its ssooooo nice and it brings a lot of peace in my day.
The hardest part about the CTM is that we have to teach an investigator who is one off are teachers in 
character his name is Jose and we teach him every day.  the hard part is that it has to bee in portuguese.  I
ts tough but it makes you learn super fast haha. On Sunday I was given the great opportunity to be Representative
of the noobs (New guys) of the week and speak in church. I spoke on how prayer is so important in our lives 
especially in times of need and how we need to pray always. Also how nephi is a great example of prayer and how
he really listens to the promtings of the lord. it was a all right talk considering I only had the opening song to prepare
for it haha.
Today is p-day which means temple day.  The temple is 40 minutes from the CTM so we left here at 6:00AM which kinda stinks to get up so early but it was so worth it. The session was in English and was directed by mostly temple missionary couples. One of them looked just like grandma Ann. It was so great. I felt her spirt soo strong the whole time and could really feel her love for me and knew she was proud of me for being a mission.
Funny stuff of the week: There is a Brazilian who looks like a mirror image of OBAMA so we call him that and he loves it.  We taught him how to say America needs hope hahaha and he also says vote for me. Its great he makes every one laugh haha. The Brazilians are all crazy, outside every night.  There are like tons of fireworks which makes it hard to sleep and they all laugh and sing all the time haha its great.
Well I only get 30 minuets to email so it kinda stinks. I havent read any of your emails yet but i took pictures love you all and  I knnow that the church is true PLEASE have people send me letters. Please put my address on my face book as well.
The church is true. I love you all.
Elder Aaron Jensen
Elder Aaron Jensen
Box #19 District 29-B Brazil MTC
Brazil Sao Paolo East Mission
Rua Padre Antonio D’Angelo, 121
Casa Verde, Sao Paulo, SP
Brazil        02516-040