Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 19

Well this week was really good.  We worked our butts off and it definitely paid off.  We baptized a girl name Natalia who is 12 years old and has the hots for boons (David) so watch out for them Brazilians boons.  That pic of David with the nike AIR hat on is pretty much famous here in brazil.  Natalia is really cool she lives with her grandma who is a die hard catholic but she sat in on all the lessons and came to church this Sunday to watch the baptism.   So we will see where that goes.  Natalia is reallllllly shy and hardly talks but when she does its perfect hahaha  Shes really spiritual and will be a great example for her family. She lives across the street from the young women’s leader so that’s perfect and o yea they are best friends and pretty much inseperable haha its great!
On Monday night I had my 5th birthday party hahah and it was the best one! with the same family that I  will spend Christmas with, they are so great we played some sweet Brazilian games and ate some cake.  They even smashed a egg on my head so yeah Happy Birthday!  Here’s a raw egg for your hair. It was a really fun night though because tons of recent converts came so it was cool. 
Tuesday we had interviews with president Ferrin which were really cool.  I talked Portuguese the whole time during the interview which was 25 mins so he probably loves me now hahaha  It was awesome, I learned a ton from him and hope  he likes me as much as I like him.  Elder Payne and I were the second to last companionship to get interviewed so we pretty much just chilled in the chapel all day waiting to be interviewed which was a big wast of time but whatever.
Wednesday we really just tried to talk to members and ask for references all day because that’s what the President wants us to do and it went really well. We got some really good references and we are really starting to get the ward excited about missionary work I think. 
We taught a really cool lesson to an older couples that are like way tight. We taught the first lesson and they accepted the challenge to read and pray about the BOM so we will see how it goes.  After the lesson when we were about to leave the wife said, “well who knows maybe we will find the right path this time” and I a was like “yes you will”  hahah it was great! 
We taught another cool lesson to a new family, they have a baby that’s like 25 days old, about the plan of salvation and how if we accept Christ’s atonement through baptism we can live forever in the celestial kingdom with God and our family’s forever.  She asked the best question ever, “So how do I get baptized?”  We explained a little bit and she accepted baptism so we will se how that goes.  Unfortunately she couldn’t come to church this week so thats kinda lame. 
Sunday it was fast Sunday and we had a really cool sacrament meeting.   Dalcio and Jose our recent baptisms of less then a month both blessed the sacrament and it was soooo sick .  They were both like dead scared and I could feel the spirit really strong when they were praying.  After the sacrament, Dalcio bore his testimony and man it was strong!  He talked about how much the church and us elders have changed and helped his life.  It was like the best thing ever. 

It was a really good week like normal but I am really tireed and sooooo hot.  Right now its like 95 in the café where I am writing my Email.  Thanks for  all the Emails and the package.  I will get your Christmas boxes on the 19th  at the Christmas conference. Glad you got my package and yes you should open it Christmas eve because that’s when you open presents in Brazil.  They stay up till 12 and then open them all.  We will definitely skype for Christmas and I will be in the same area for Christmas most likely. 
I already told Aya that she was going to take up to Japan skiing after her mission and serve as our translator  hahah yes I am soooo pumped for that-going to be awesome for her in Japan.  So excited for Ellie’s boyfriend. thats soo cool for him and good for them. I hope they don’t get married before I come home.  

Happy birthday Mom.  I hope it was a wonderful day. Dad told me about the spa and date night so sounds like it was fun Sorry my letter didnt get there on time. I wish i could have been there to give you a big hug and make your birthday nice.  also congrats on the 25 year anniversary. Man thats awesome.  Congrats, your relationship has been a great example to me and many people. keep up the good work.  Thanks for being a great mom for the 20 years of my life, I couldn’t have asked for anything else.  I love you tons and hope that you are doing good. The only thing I want is more peanut butter, JIFFF smoothy is the best I am fresh out and in need of more hahaha.  
your son Aaron Jensen

PS  Picture of me slack lining some metal chain.  It was fun until I broke it. 

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