Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 18 - Thanksgiving/Birthday

Happy thanksgiving 
Well this week was great, different but great!

On Tuesday we did splitz with 2 recent converts all day long. I went with Dalcio who was my first baptism, it was so tight and my comp went with Patrick who is Dalcio’s friend it was like one of the coolest days ever. We taught some really good lessons but it was mostly just really cool to be with a guy that I taught and baptized and then got to watch him testify and teach about the gospel, it was soooooo cool, the best feeling in the world to see that I have actually help some one change and grow in the gospel. I know that Dalcio will be a great missionary and he is super amped to go and serve.  I’m pumped for him. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving and man was it a great day!  We woke up and unfortunately our lunch appointment fell though so we went all out and made a super dope Thanksgiving lunch.  It consisted of potatoes, they were really good,  2 rotisserie chickens,  really classy fine grape juice,  Brazilian bread,  cake, oranges, and a lime pie. It was sooooo good.  It might not sound very good but it was.  Guess you just had to be there but it was really fun. We made way too much food of course and ended up not eating all of the chickens, so we decided to give it to a bum.  It was so awesome, we just walked up to this dude and asked him if he was hungry he was like claro! (yes).  Then we gave him a whole chicken and said Happy Thanksgiving.  It was tight he was like stunned and was just said “god bless you.”  I swear the bums are like the best part of the mission, they are so funny hahah. So the rest of the day on Thanksgiving was pretty normal but we made sure to tell every person that it was Thanksgiving and all of them were like umm ok cool.  Its definitely not a Brazilian holiday but we made it one. 

On Friday we had a really good lesson with Ricardo who is on of our investigators who smokes like 2 packs a day.  Its nasty but yeah we watched the restoration video and then all of a sudden Elder Payne just started teaching the word of wisdom.  It was not planed but it ended up being really good and he admitted that he knew smoking was bad for his body and that he was destroying his temple and that he wanted to stop.  So it was actually really great. He still is really molly or soft with the baptism idea but we are still working on him. 

Saturday was my birthday and I made 20 years as the Brazilians say it.  It was a really good day, I woke up and made myself the first real breakfast I have had in brazil hahaha.  It was dope. I made a fat omelet with  4 eggs and it was sooo good.  I also made like a peanut butter banana toast sandwiches which was really good and had apple juice to drink it was a good way to start off my Bday. Pretty much like every 20 mins someone would call me and sing Happy Birthday to me which was sooo cool.  I think in total 18 people called me to wish me happy birthday. Including President and Sister Ferrin which was really nice of them. So don’t worry about me, I got a lot of birthday love even though I was here in Brazil.  I even got a couple presents,  some new ties, always appreciated!  I also bought a sick tie at a bracho, which is like a thrift store,  Yes they have them in brazil too, for 2 reals or like 1 dollar. Its dooppee. For lunch we went to a members house and they made this really good chicken and then they also made me a cake.  That night we had a huge fire side at the stake center which was really cool.  It was a play of the BOM.  The assistants came up from the mission office for the play and they brought my letters with them. So yeah I got to open up letters on the night of my birthday it was perfect!  After the activity we went and got açai drinks, it was delicious so it turned out to be a really good birthday. 
To top of the great week yesterday for sacrament meeting was the primary program and yes its still awesome even in Portuguese, soooo funny. I was like the only one in the whole congregation who thought it was funny though, so as I was laughing my head off like the whole time.  I was just getting eye balled by all these moms.  I am sure they were just thinking what the heck is this dumb Americano laughing at my daughter for?  it was just so funny I couldn’t help it.  One of the sunbeams is this super fat kid, his dad works for Mars bars so he just eats chocolate all day long.  He was being so crazy the whole time just like yelling all the songs so loud!  it was so funny I almost died. 
So yea it was like a really tight Sunday cuz  we had 7 people show up to church so that was also really super cool and all of them of course really liked it. The best part of Sunday though was when we were picking up our investigator  before church.  He lives in this like shared house thing with 20 other dudes that are all drunks and stuff.  Its crazy cuz he is this super focused African guy who studies and works all day long but he lives with these total loosers.  So when we got there to his house he wasn’t ready so we asked another guy if he could call him but he was drunk on Sunday morning at 8:30 in the morning.  Really classy, but yea he was like o yea sure and then he just  yells at the top of his lungs, “Hey Dunian the Americans are here!”  but I guess he didn’t hear us right and instead of saying Dunian he just yelled, “Hey donuts the Americans are here!”  It was so funny I almost peed my pants.  I laughed so hard but  it ended up all being fine and he came to church.  
Last night we went to a member’s home-the Marcizos-for a family night with Patrick and Dalcio. It was fun and yes they also made me a cake hahaha soooo much cake and tonight we are going to another members house for another birthday party.  Its going to be tight.  The members in our ward are sooo awesome.  Its all good hear in Brazil, glad to hear the snow was bad. Stinks to be you guys! hahah just messing with you.  I wish I could have been there this week to spend time with the whole family but thanks for all the emails and all the love. 

Pictures are sharing our thanksgiving feast and me shaving our 80 year old friend.

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