Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 14

Yeah Aya!   I knew she would serve a mission, that makes me so happy I can’t even stand it. I miss and love her tons. I cant wait to her that she is coming to Brazil, the best mission in the world where the people are nice and the spirit is strong!

This week has been awesome.  On Monday night we had our last district meeting with de Olivera, it was really good.  I got up and talked about how much he taught me and how I was going to miss him tons, he was a really good trainer. I might have cried haha but it was cool.  Afterward I got kind of trunky and was talking to my ZL about how long I still have and how it’s never going to end.  Then I had one of the best experiences on the mission yet.  He asked me one question that really changed how I think it was great.  He asked, “But elder think of how many people you will change and how many people you will save.”  It really made me want to be a better missionary and made me glad to still have a lot of time on the mission.  Then on Wednesday, I got my new comp, Elder Payne, who is  super cool from Cali, he’s kind of like Andrew but with a really big head.  He is excited and really happy about every thing, we work well together and I already love him tons.
On Sunday we had 2 baptisms.  The first was Dalcio who I baptized, it was soooo cool. I was super nervous because he has like 5 names just like all Brazilians. But I did the prayer and got him under the water the first time.  When we got into the bathroom he said “Elder fui awesome” It WAS awesome! It was really great when I was in the fount the spirit was super strong and I know that he will be a great member and in about a year a killer missionary. so cool! 
We also had a surprise baptism.  Her name is Terisa,  she is the 47 year old Mom of a really strong family in the church.  I think her husband the high Priest leader.  She has been investigating the church for 25 years, been coming to church on and off and taking the lessons every once and a while. On Friday we got a call form the ward missionaries who are apparently awesome, saying that they need us to come interview her so she can be baptized it was really cool. Her husband baptized her and it was such a cool experience.  About half of the ward showed up for the service and it was just really spiritual.  Tonight is the last night that de Oliviera will be here with his parents so it should be fun but sad to say good bye to him.  I’m going to miss him tons. But all is well here in Brazi,l loving the work and missing everyone in the states. 
Sorry for my short letter.   
Elder Jensen 

Dad, that is awesome about your investigator.   There is nothing like finding teaching and baptizing people I love it!  Good luck with every thing. Also yeeessssssss Gangnam style is like the best song ever, we hear it like 10 times a day here and we all know the dance haha.  Every time we ride the bus we just start doing the dance.  I love it  but Elder de Olivera says that garoto, the little boy is totally future Benu.  Haha.  I cant believe this song is popular in the states, that makes me so happy 

Also I found my camera so its all cool, don’t fret.  Thanks for the birthday money idk when I will use it.  I did not get the Halloween package maybe some one will grab it for me from the mission office  this week during transfers.  For Christmas I really just need a thin pair of flat front pants 32 30 also ties I love ties haha. I don’t know what else.  Thanks for every thing. 

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