Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 3

Hello family and friends,
I hope all is doing well in Colorado. It sounds like you are having a great time. I hope you don’t get too sad with out Nathan around and hope that David doesn’t go crazy by himself.

Life in the CTM is going well this week.  One of my good buddies from BYU D’Aaron made it here to the CTM.  Its good to see a friend, he’s really excited to be here. His companion is Elder Oaks and yes his grandfather is the Elder Oaks and we are hoping that he will come talk to us cuz that would be freaking sweet hahaha! Life is going pretty well this week. I have been focusing more on my scripture study because its less frustrating then trying to understand past subjunctive tense and the past participle in Portuguese. AAAHHH!  I hate grammar, its hard but I am learning a lot every day.

On Sunday elder Ury, who was the mission president of my mission-Sao Paolo East-came and talked to us. He is awesome and he was wearing the exact same suit as me.  hahaha we looked dope together.  He is American and talked about teaching with the spirit. I felt like his talk was written just for me.  He told a story about a missionary he had in his mission who was a really great missionary.  He was Brazilian and he loved to talk about everything. The focus of his story was on his companion who was a greeny from California who was dyslexic and wasnt very good at Portuguese hahaha!  He told a story about a family who they baptized. The family said that most of the times they had no idea what the American said when he was teaching but all they knew was when he was teaching they could feel the spirit so strong  and how they didn’t feel it as much when the fluent Brazilian was teaching. It was really inspiring and made we want to study the gospel even harder and teach with the spirit as much I could.

This week we are pretending that it is Christmas week just because its fun. It is a tradition in the Brazil CTM.  We sing Christmas songs for the start of every meeting and we are doing a secret santa.  Its pretty much really funny but ever since we have decided that it is Christmas week everything has been going super good.  Last night we didn’t have choir and we got to watch President Monson’s birthday celebration,  it was sweet and then we had cake to celebrate. It was freaking so good mainly because all the deserts here aren’t very good. (interesting since Aaron NEVER liked or ate cake living in America!) Its great. The best part about fake Christmas is that our District Leader hates it hahaha and he gets so mad about it.  Its so funny cuz he’s like the scrooge of the district.

We have been playing volleyball like crazy in gym time.  It’s been dope. Me and Elder Funck from cali have been tearing it up but on Monday I wrecked my ankle like about the same as it was in Peru haha. It kinda stinks but I can walk so it’s fine, its all black and blue, looks good.

I love you guys so much and  hope all is going well. I hope you are getting my letters and PLEASE keep writing me.
Elder Jensen

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