Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 7

Whatz up from Brazil?

Things are going good here in the life of elder Jensen.  Loving my comp and my life as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.   Its a weird life being a missionary but a good one. I know that I am here to spread the gospel that I know to be true with all my heart because I have received revelation from god that this is the one and only true church of god.  And the only thing that I want in my life for the next 2 years is to share this knowledge with people because I know that it is the only way we can be truly happy here on earth.  If any one is reading this who doesn’t know the truth of what I am talking about I challenge you to search out the missionaries and to listen to their teachings and to ponder in your hearts what they teach and to pray to know if their message is true and I promise that if you do this you will be more happy in your life. 

This week was great but really hard, we are teaching a ton of different people.  Its crazy constantly inviting people to come unto Christ by repenting and by being baptized. 
On Tuesday we taught a huge family of like 8 people the first lesson and it was really good.  I talked about how the joy the gospel brings our family and how I know that we have such love in our family because of the gospels. I carry with me the picture of our family that we took in Africa after we climbed Kilimanjaro and I show it to almost every one because people love pictures here. There is nothing more that I miss then my family.  I think of you all a ton all the fun times we have had in Breckenridge, over holidays and birthdays, the adventures we have had together.  I am so glad that I was born in to the gospel and that I have always had this knowledge in my life.

On Thursday we taught English in the morning it was really fun.  haha. the house we live in is owned by a guy who teaches English so we went with him to talk with his students. They all said “I like” a lot and “very nice” haha  It made me think about my Portuguese and how funny I must sound to people. 

On Saturday, we helped the bishop move to his new house.  He lived on the 4th floor of an apartment building with no elevator so you can imagine I am really sore.  My comp and I got to carry all the heavy stuff of course, which included a washer, dryer, couches, a FRIDGE  and 2 dressers it was great fun haha.  But was nice to do some service. The bishop also took us out to lunch after which made it worth it. 

On Sunday we unfortunately didn’t have anyone come to church with us!!!!!  but church went really good.  The stake president talked in sacrament meeting on the Sabbath day, it was really good and for 3rd hour the Bishop talked about the story of Naaman who washed 7 times in the water to be healed of leprosy. (2 Kings 5:10)  He then told us how this story is like conference.  His point was that we will be asked to do simple things by the prophets and we just need to do them.   It was really good, never been so pumped for conference in my life.  

I Hope life is good in the USA and that you aren’t missing me too bad. 

Elder Jensen 

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