Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 2

August 15th

Well the start of this week was kinda lame because I was really sick. I had a really bad cold, tons of congestion. It was not fun but I was better by Sunday so that’s good. The good news of the week is that I am half way done with the CTM. YEA and 1 month into my mission, It feels weird. It’s definitely going a lot faster now so thats good. 

On Sunday Elder Demars, who is crazy diligent and works really hard all the time, gave a talk on why were are serving a mission. It was really good,  he talked about the 5 reasons of motivation 

1. Force being the lowest from of motivation like slavery something that has to be done
2. punishment something that is done because if not you will be punished for it
3. reward something we do for a good out come like money or grades
4. duty we do things because we feel the need to 
5. love, the greatest form of motivation,  we should do things because we truly love them. 

Elder Demars likened it to our motivations for serving missions. We serve because we all love the gospel and love Jesus not because we are forced by our parents or not because we want the blessing of a mission and not even because its our duty we do it because we truly love the gospel and know that every one else needs it. it was a dope talk, I really like it. on Sunday night pres Deng talked about how we must avoid fiery darts of temptation it was pretty cool.  He did a demonstration on how fast darts gun are and he actually shot a real dart gun into a box it was sweet hahaha.  He’s like 80 haha it was awesome!  On Tuesday, an area 70 named President Gadoi talked to us on how we might have doubts about our missions but that we should not worry and that we should just put trust in the Lord and we will be fine.  It was a sweet talk, he also shared his conversion story with us and it was great. Our Brazilian companions left us, which was sad going to miss them but tomorrow we get knew ones so its all fine.  We went to the Campinas temple today cuz the Sao Paulo temple was closed it was sooo cool.  It is much bigger and was really pretty.
Hope everything is going well miss you guys,  thanks for the letters.
Keep it steezy
Elder Jensen

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