Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 13

Dear Family,
First Baptism of the Mission
On Wednesday, as a zone we did a fast for baptisms because numbers are way down this month. So we spent the whole day just contacting people and asking for referrals it was cool.  At like 4o'clock we were both dead tired and sick of talking to people and were all out of ideas of what to do so we prayed and asked to find out where  we should go.  After the prayer we both thought of Drica,  a girl in our ward.  We went over to her house and asked her if she had any friends we could teach and she was like Yea! I have a friend her name is Dauany.  Elder de Oliveira had taught her 3 lessons last transfer but her Mom made her stop taking the lessons for some reason. He didn’t really explain much, story of my life here, haha.  So that night we went over to her house with Drica and taught her mom who apparently was baptized about 20 years ago but then fell away because a bunch of stuff that happened and she got offended for some lame reason idk.  But we taught the first lesson and man was it dope! It was like the spirit of God  like a fire was burning!  The mom ended up crying and admitted that she knew the church was true it was really cool.  Then the next day we taught Dauany and she committed to being baptized that Sunday!!!! She had already attended church 3 times so it was all good.  We taught her all the commandments and then on Sunday elder de Oliveira baptized her.  It was great, the service was good, the spirit was really strong, but the best part was after.  We have also been teaching this really smart kid named Dalico who is 19 and is like going to be a future bishop, he is so great.  We have taught him  4 lessons and he came to church with us and is he is planning to be baptized, he was also a referral  we received on the day we did a zone fast.  After the baptismal service, Dalcio and I were talking and he asked me to baptize him next week!    I was just like yeeaahhhh!  jumping around the church freaking out.  It was great.

On Monday we did splits with our zone leaders, it was sick. I went with elder Atikin who is just like uncle Rich.  He's so funny, happy and super dope. he's 27  and is from Northern California and way trunky, he has 7 months left but all he talks about is home and what he is going to do when he gets home, he has like ever hour for the first 2 weeks planned exactly out.  We went to this area far away where the elders were struggling so we could help them get new investigators.  It was pretty fun, first we went out to lunch and I let him order for me, I was just like yeah dude like what ever you get I will eat..... worst choice of the mission haha.  We both ended up eating this stew kindof stuff that consisted of mostly cow intestine. It was pretty gnarly.  I almost barfed like 9 times hahaha but I ate it all cuz we never know when the next meal is going to be, so you got to eat. 

After that, we made like a bunch of contacts it was pretty fun just because Elder Atikin is crazy fun.  After like an hour or so we meet this member who gave us 15 referrals, she seriously knew like every person in the whole area.  So then for the rest of the day we just tried to contact and find these people. We taught the first lesson like 6 times in one day and it was dope and we got alot of good new people for that area.  Really sad but my dad,  Elder de Oliveira is going home!!!!!! I’m going to miss him, he's great and taught me a lot.  But all is good here in Brazil. I hope things aren't too crazy without me. 
Elder Jensen.

I only get letters about once every 3 weeks when the Zone leaders pick it up from the mission office and deliver it to us. And yes you have to send all my mail to the mission home that’s just how it works here. Sorry  
(It takes longer for our letters to get from the mission home out to Aaron than it does for the letters to get from the US to the mission home.)

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