Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 12

Well another week down in Brazil!  This week was pretty rough but I just got to keep working.  
So our baptism that was supposed to happen with Julia fell though because her mom said that she couldn’t be baptized, so lame.  But we are going to talk to her mom this week so we will see how it goes.  So frustrated right now because it feels like we teach like super good lessons and the spirit is so strong and then all of our investigators never come to church.  Really annoying. We met this really awesome family of 4 this week and taught them the first 3 lessons.  When I was teaching about Joseph Smith I almost cried because the spirit was so strong.  It was awesome and everything else was going perfect until Sunday morning we called them to make sure the were coming to church and of course the had some lame excuse but hopefully they will come next week because I really feel like they know our messages are true.  I just think they are kind of scared to start going to a different church. 
On Wednesday we went to the hospital, which was like really scary and sad to see so many sick people and  gave this little kid named Lucus a blessing.  Hes six and looks like my mini me, hair and all.  He even has blue eyes.  He had some surgery in his stomach, I didn’t really understand when his mom was explaining it to me hahaha. I sealed the anointing and gave my first blessing in Portuguese, it was cool.  After the blessing I asked him how he felt and with a big smile he said much better hahah  It was great.  He told me I looked like captain America and that’s what he calls me no. Its great. On Sunday he was released from the hospital and he sat with us at church. it was great. 

This week was the first week that I received  letters since being out in the field.  it was great to hear from everyone.  I got 2 packages from mom and Carson (love her so much) and like 15 letters from tons of people.  Thanks for the love and words they keep me going. 

Last night President Ferrien came up to our stake and gave a really good fireside, made me proud to be a missionary it was about how we as missionaries need the members help and support.  At the end of the fireside he opened it up for questions and one of the bishops in the stake that doesn't have missionaries  cried in front of everyone because he really wants the spirit of elders in his ward and in his home. It was cool and made me want to work harder and help the ward even more. 

The main point of the fireside was that elders need referrals and help of the ward. So my challenge to you is to go and teach with the missionaries or have people over and the elders over at the same time like the new neighbors or friends,  just try to be missionaries.  Oh yea and feed the elders more the once a month!  

Elder Jensen 

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