Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 16

Dear Family,
Today I am doing splits with the ZL and he didn’t have email time yesterday so I get to email today.  Dope. Since I didn’t get to EMail yesterday.
This week was pretty cool.  To start it off we went to this town in our area called Sao Francisco Xaviar which is 1 hour and a half away up in the mountains or hills haha.  But our ward has 3 families who live way up there and they are inactive because its really hard for them to get all the way down to Sao Jose every Sunday. It would be really hard to travel for 3 hours just to go to church and pay 20 bucks for the bus.  But we went up there and had lunch with this super tight family, the food was pretty good haha and we left a message on how important the sacrament was for us and how without the sacrament we really cant feel the spirit in our lives.  It made me think alot about how important the sacrament is in my life and how many faults I have that can be passed away because of the sacrament.
But this town was soooo cool, reminded me a lot of like Morrison or Evergreen  Just this little mountain town away from all the worries of the world, felt really good up there maybe because it wasn’t so freaking hot. But honestly this week it has been raining alot more and I am definitely grateful for my umbrella (thanks Mom) or my rain guard as they call it here.  But its fine I like the rain because as my past Elder de Olivera taught me, the more it rains on your mission the better looking your wife will be, so its all good.  Apparently its a direct relation.  I miss de Olivera tons. He was an awesome trainer. but elder Payne and I are getting a long really well and I am learning alot of little things about being a missionary.  For example this week I had my first real weekly planning session.  This week we had an investigator named Rafial, he is a 17 year old kid who lives right across the street from the chapel and is really smart.  He really likes to learn about everything so he came to church with us but unfortunately, he is an atheist and doubts everything. Its really hard to teach people that are so quick to find fault in things.  We taught him like 3 times this week but he didnt make any progress,  It makes me want to be more open-minded about life and just try to try more things. Last night at district meeting the assistants were here and they gave us a really sick training on humility.  They talked about how our zone is suffering because we are lacking unity and humility.  It was really good they told the story of Ammon in Alma 26 and how he was able to have pure joy because he accepted that he is nothing in his own strength but through the help of God he was able to do everything.  It was a really good training and really made me want to try to be more humble.  He also shared a scripture in Mosiah 4 where King Benjamin said that one can never be too humble and that it is a attribute that we always need to be working on.  It was a really dope training. We had our last family night with Wissiles’ family last night because on Saturday they are moving to Utah because Valenet, the mom is getting married to some guy that lives there.  I am really going to miss this family, they are the best family in our ward and they are all so firm in their faith and are just so nice to the elders. I hope that you guys in the states are generous with the elders and are always looking for ways to serve them. 
Well I know that the church is true and love you all. 
 That’s so cool about Bryce and Karina, that’s awesome for them! 
For Christmas I really just want super sick ties and some maple syrup 

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