Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 5

Boa tarde 
I hope everything is going well. Things in the CTM are going pretty great. Glad to hear that Nathan is loving Provo, wish I could be there with him to have tons of fun. But thats way too bad about Truman's leg. I have been praying for him like crazy and I know  he can get back out here. So glad to hear that Andrew made it back and thanks for the notes from his talk Mom.

Pretty much the same old stuff has been happing this week.  We go to class alot and learn tons. Its great, but I am ready for the field.  We have 2 more weeks here!!!!! and then its field time baby! I cant wait.  My Portuguese is pretty good and I am starting to just be able to think in Portuguese when I speak it instead of translating it into English.  Its coming a lot easier now and its good to see improvement, but I am still far away from being fluent haha.
Highlights of the week.
The package from Mission Ties was the best; the fruit loops and the skittles were the best part, soooooo goood hahaha.  Thanks so much for that! I need more skittles though.  Send me all the flavors whenever you can! haha  The cookies you got me are like the best cookies in the world but if you eat more then one you feel like crap so my comp and I did some street contacts with the help of some cookies.  It was sweet, we would ask them if they wanted a cookie and then give them a cookie and a pass along card and would then share a message about the church.  It was really fun!  I talked to tons of people.

On Sunday we had mission conference and had a 2 hour meeting where we had tons of good talks. It was awesome, my favorite one was giving by Sister Camargo who is the wife of the 2nd counselor in the CTM presidency and she talked about the story of Lotts wife.  It was cool and she taught about how she was turned into a pillar of salt because she doubted and looked back. Sister Camargo likened this story to us in that we need to not forget about the past but to learn from it and press forward hoping with faith that our futures can be as good or better then our past. It really cheered me up and strengthened me to want to do better.  With everyone starting school again and being at BYU, it kind of made me miss BYU and my friends and I wondered if I would every have that life again.  But this talk made me just want to work harder and press forward with faith knowing that this mission will not only be great and fun but that after the mission I will have more fun then ever before and be so much more successful and happy in my life. 

I finished the Book of Mormon again and I know without a doubt that it is true and I challenge every one to read it and to pray to know if its true. This book will change your life and will bring you more happiness then anything else in your life.  Good week. 
Mom and Nathan’s India trip sounded sweet, but not as cool as Peru. Haha
I love you all
The church is true
Elder Aaron Jensen

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