Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 15

This week was pretty cool. (Except for the fact that it was so hot!! the attached picture of Aaron shows the thermometer at 40  degrees Celsius which is 104 degrees Fahrenheit) 
I had one of the coolest experiences on my mission so far.  On Wednesday we were walking in the street going to this kids house we are teaching and a middle age dude came up to us and asked us what our work was and what do we do?  We explained to him that we are missionaries.  He said that he needed our prayers because he had to decided to kill himself  and that there was nothing we could do to change his mind. It was intense!  Luckily we where like right next to the chapel so we asked him if he had a little bit of time to talk.  We walked into the chapel and it was just walking into a wall of the spirit right as I opened the front door and stepped in.  We sat down in the chapel and just talked about God and how God views the soul of every person equally and how God loves every one.  We ended up finding out that his wife just left him with his 5 year old daughter because he was a really big drinker  He was living out on the streets for about a week with no money or no way to get back to Sao Paulo where he had a brother. After about like 30 minutes of talking to him he was already 100 percent different and he decided to stop drinking,  it was soo cool.  We decided to get him a bus ticket back to Sao Paulo so we walked to the bus staition and he was just so happy,  it was so cool.   He was laughing and joking and he accepted to take the lessons back in Sao Paulo so we gave his information to some elders in his area.  Over all I gained a huge testimony on how powerful the spirit really is and how it can change peoples lives.   it was soo cool.  Honestly if we would not have been there this dude might have tired to kill himself. 

This week we have been teaching alot of people and it has been really good.  We baptized a young man named José who is 17 years and is like super smart.  He was a referral from a sister in our stake that  knows him though school.   Since Jose is only 17 he had to get permission from his mom to be baptized and she has to sign this fixa,  don't remember the world in English (signature).  When he asked her, she said no way! never ask me again about it no way!  So he went  into his room and said a prayer that his mom would allow him to be baptized and apparently his mom saw him kneeing down in his room and it just made her change her mind.  It was great, so he was baptized yesterday and he chose me to baptize him as well.   Being down in the font is like the best feeling in the world, first of all because the water is freezzzing and its always super hot here and second because the spirit is just like wicked strong.   It is also really terrifying because there are like 30 people watching and Brazilians have some really long names haha. But I said it all right the first time again so its all good. 

My comp and I are getting along really well and we teach really well together, its tight.  We made some really good goals this week and I think we are going to be really successful this transfer as long as we depend on the Lord and just work super hard. 
Every thing is good and I am loving life here in Brasil. 
ELDER JENSAN (really slowly) thats how Brazilians say it 

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