Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 6

Heeeeellllo everyone,

Well this week was really great! It started out kindof rough but its good now.  On Thursday we our teachers and class rooms were changed because they wanted to push us for the last 2 weeks we are here in the CTM.  At first this was like the worst thing of all time because our teachers were awesome and our new teacher Marico is super strict and doesn’t like to have any fun and speaks 0 English hahaha!  After a couple of days we got used to how hard he wants us to work and we all started getting alot more out of class. So it was a change for the better.  Really like all day we study and teach, its alot but like I said really good because its almost time for the real deal.
On Sunday night for our fireside my Sao Paolo East Mission President, President Ferrien and his wife came and talked to the CTM,  it was awesome. Sister Ferrien seemed really nice and Presendent Ferrien is amazing.   He gave his whole talk in Portuguese even though he is an American and would not let the translator translate.  He just said that we should all be able to understand by now.  I could understand him fine but I felt bad for the new kids sitting next me who looked really bored after about 1 minute hahaha  It was great.  He talked about work and how we really need to be diligent, it was an awesome talk.   He said that hard work can solve 99 percent of our problems as missionaries and I believe him.  Afterward me and the other guys in my district went up and talked to him and he was cooler then i thought he would be. Haha.  He served his mission in Rio so he has a fun accent to his Portuguese and he says na alot its like um or a filler word in Portuguese which is really funny.  He's from Utah and loves to ski and loves soccer so I think we will get a long really well.   

We talked about Truman for a little while and he had nothing but great things to say about Truman.  He said how every one loved Truman and that he was a really hard worker and that he was one of the funniest elders he had in the mission.  HE also said, “I miss that kid.”  He also really hopes that he will be able to make it back out and so do I!!!  So don’t give up Truman cuz we need you. 

After the devotional we were talking to president Deng about his piano skills and he invited us to his apartment to listen to him play the piano because sister Deng is in Salt Lake.  So 8 of the kids from our district went, it was awesome.   Apparently, he is a concert pianist and his is crazy good.  It was sweet just this old man straight killing the piano. He now writes medley of like 3 hymns joined together they are cool. It was really spiritual and he played a medley of 4 songs that Joseph Smith liked. It was sweet, I felt the spirit really strong.

On Monday we got to go proselytizing and it was soooooo crazy.  Really scary at first but super dope haha.  We placed 4 book of Mormons and all the people we gave them to seemed really interested.  My favorite was this guy named Ricardo who is like 30ish and had a family with 2 little girls.  We talked about how God answers prayers and he was totally into it then we talked about eternal families and he seemed like he really wanted to learn more it was cool.  Hopefully he will call the number and except the missionaries into his home.
Well next week I head out to the field. Yeah baby! I cant wait! kinda nervous but it will be good to start actual being a missionary. I wont have a pday next week, so don’t freak out when you don’t get my email.  
I love you all
Elder Jensen
I will send you my current adress when i get it but you can allways send stuff to my mission home

Aaron is begging for letters.  He has been really good about writing had written letters home. 
AAron's Address
Elder Aaron Jensen
Brazil Sao Paolo East Mission Office
Rua Caa-Acu 229
Sao Paulo SP

This is a permanent address for Aaron as they will always forward letters to him, although it make take abit longer.  I will forward his direct address next week.  We have found that letters take around 1 week to get to him and the postage is $1.05


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