Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 4

Dear Family
The CTM  is going good as normal.  My ankle is doing much better and I am feeling great.  This week was a really good week. the CTM is kind of a wierd place and its really easy to get down on yourself here because there is so much to learn but this week I really saw a lot of prgress in myself which is awesome.
On Thursday and friday my companion was sick with the cold that everyone has been getting so he was really out of it which was actually really good for me because i taught like 90 percent of our lessons those days. But i felt really bad for him.  It was cool to see how much Portuguese i knew.  On friday we had our last trc and I taught the investigator that they really need  to feel the spirit and how he can feel the spirit and helped him learn how he feels the spirit,  it was cool.
We had some really good devotionals this week that both taught almost the same thing.  The first one was given by the president of the Sao Paulo north mission.  He is awesome!  He was the first black missionary in Brazil and was really funny.  He spoke in portuguese,  like most of our devotionals,  but when he was telling a joke or a really important part he would just translate his talk himself instead of letting the translator do it haha. It was sweet.  He talked on how we as missionaries will have restrictions if we put them on ourselfs because we lack faith.  It was really awesome and then on Tuesday night Sister Deng (the President of the CTM) talked about how through the atonement of Christ and help of the Lord we can become spectacular and do anything. She used Alma 5:15-16  and it was really good.  She also taught about how we must see the potential that God sees in us in other people and how we must try our best to not judge people by appearances or temporal faults but how we must look for the good in people and see God's potential for them.  It was a really good talk and gave me a lot to think about and ALOT TO WORK ON FOR MYSELF.  It reminded me of the song  "I will posses your heart" by death cab for cutie haha.

Our Brazilian roommate who we call grandpa is getting a little bt annoying.  Hes funny though. He calls me "Capital america" haha which means "Captain America"  Its great but pretty much all he says is "capital america muito loco" (very crazy) and that he is very cold which is funny because its like 75 degrees every day here and he wears a sweater all day.  We keep the fan on at night because we all get so hot and he says he cant sleep because its so cold.  When we told him to use another blanket he yelled noooooo and we asked him why not he said because his blaket is muito bom haha he also gets up at 4:30 because its muito bom (very good)! 
I love you all.  If you are reading this, send me a letter haha.

Elder Jensen

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