Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 32

Hello family
Well tis march....... and pretty much all I want to do is grow a fat mustache. Is that really to much to ask for?  I want some good mustache photos:
NAY, PETE, ALEX, MATT, CON, BEN, DAD AND ALL OTHERS WHO ARE DOPE ENOUGH TO SPORT A STASH.  Dad if you grow a mustache for all of March I will give you any thing you want. ANYTHING
 Sorry for not writing last week, things were hectic that day because Elder Machado thought he was going to get transferred so we only spent only 30 mins in the Alan house and then we just visited people like all day. it was pretty tight.  Everyone was giving us tons of food and it was just a good time.  But at 9 oclock at night we found out that he would stay another transfer here with me so… No I dont have a new comp after all.  Pretty much our zone stayed the same but we got a new sister and yes she’s 19! So awesome to see hew new sisters.
 Every thing is good here in Bela vista, I am loving the mission HAHAH so this week went pretty well.  We focused on this kid named Welson.  He is 12 and his older sister is a member and is thinking about serving a mission so first she wants to try to help her family which I think is supper dope.  Welson is super chill he got baptized on saturda y night and confimed on sunday every thing went super cool and super strong and already has tons of friends in the ward.  The great part of his story was on Friday we went to his house to check in on him and go over the baptismal interview questions with him. When we got there his sister and mom told us that he was sick in bed and that we should come back the next day.  When in for or a little so we talked to him and he was really bad, he couldn’t even talk.  He has an illness called dengue fever when you just ache really bad and get a fever.   He also had a really bad sore throat and he was spiting out blood and could barely talk.  It was pretty sad and it was even worse because he was crying because he was worried that he wasn’t going to be able to get baptized.  Hes such a stud, so so we asked him if he had faith that god could heal him and he said yes so we gave him a blessing.  After the blessing we said goodbye and wished him well.  The next day at 6 oclock when we got to his house to take him to his baptism we see him out in the street playing soccer. it was so cool and the best part is he sees us from afar and when he is running to us he yells, “the blessing worked! God healed me!” it was a really cool story for me and really strengthened my testimony on the power of blessings and the power of faith of people.  He choose me to baptize him so that was also cool that I got to enter the water again.  Funny part, my companion turned the font on before we went to his house and by the time we had gotten back to the chapel the font  was like overfilling  and the ground outside the chapel was all wet.  Hahah--only a little bit.  It wasnt a big deal  because its tile but when I baptized Welson the water was at his shoulder level  so it was like the easiest baptism ever.  I just like pushed his head under a little bit.  Good times.
We have been teaching alot of good people lately as normal so we have been super busy as normal. So the work is really good in other words.  We found this family that is super tight.  The dad is already a member. He was baptized when he was like 17 and after he fell away because he played a lot of soccer on Sunday.  (Don’t play sports on Sunday kids!)  but he says that he just forgot about the church and he says that he wants to return and that he likes the family aspect of the church. So the Dad and his daughter and son both came to church with us this Sunday.  Unfortunately, the mom didn’t come but I think she will next week so we are really excited for this new family that we have found and we are going to definitely work really hard to baptize them.
We also have been teaching a less active sister’s son whose name is Eduardo and he is like a genius. I swear he’s super tight. He’s going to get baptized this Sunday and he is way excited and committed.  His mom is also coming back to church so that cool. On Sunday night last week we had a family night at their house with a ward family that knows her.  It was really fun we played Charades.  It was a blast but impossible for me because I dont have the vocab for it yet.  It made me think of the good times in the Breck house with the Holmes: Andrew and Carolann and I just poowwning every one and mom giving answers out like candy to other teams to be nice. hahah Not going to lie I got a little trunky.  After the game we made brownies and they were so good. Then we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ  to the less active lady’s sister who was there too and she accepted to be baptized as well!!  So it was a really good night.
Things are really good. I am loving life and just chilling it up here in Brazil.
Elder Jensen

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