Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 36

Dear family,
Well this week went so fast I feel like I didnt even do anything
Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the Zone leaders area and did splits.  I dont really like splits because it makes it hard to get work done in my area but it was a good experience. I always learn a lot when I go out with the zone leaders so yeah its cool. I was with elder Felex for both the days and he’s definitely a really good missionary and its always cool to see new teaching styles.  So both of the days i was there we taught these 2 girls...... they both are 16 and they entered the water of baptism on Saturday after I went back to my area.
Thursday we had a mission conference in Sao Paulo which was really awesome.  It started at 8:00am and went until about 5:30 so it was basically the whole day.
It was a really awesome experience and I definitely felt the spirit so strong.  Elder Cruz, the Area 70 over our mission was there and he did most of the teaching because President Ferrin is still struggling with Portuguese but it was way tight. Our mission is really challenged to baptize complete families so Elder Cruz pretty much was really harsh with us. It was pretty awesome he was really intense with us like Elder Holland. His main point was that we need to be teaching and baptizing men and families so that our stakes can split and our mission can progress.  
After he talked he showed the video with President Eyring and elder Holland when they talk about why a mission has to be so hard.  Its a really dope video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6FKiNVbw3Y 
If you havent seen it whatch it NOW.  It will change how you think about the challenges of your life.  its a super powerfull video.  As I watched this video I cried like a baby.  I thought about the difficult times of my mission and I thought about the parts of my mission when I was defeated by laziness, when I gave up and didnt do every thing I could do.  I feel as if I must give 100 percent of myself for the rest of my mission.  I have often asked the same questions that elder Holland asks.  I have struggled to understand why people dont understand why cant we have more success.  But as Elder Holland says, “this life, my mission, any callings that we have, any thing that we do in this life will never be easy because if it were not easy for Jesus Christ, why would it every be easy for us as men.
This video has really change the way I have think and feel about my mission and I am really greatful for my chance to be a missionary, to have the chance I have to work my butt of until my mission ends.  
At the end of the conference President Ferrin gave time for a testimony meeting and it was amazing.  My favorite part was a single phase an american elder taught.  He shared a quote that his dad always used to tell him, “Son you will have 2 years to be a missionary, to do the will of the lord and to teach and baptize as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and you will have the rest of ETERNITY to think about those 2 years.”  I have honestly decidee to give the rest of my mission 100 percent of myself and I have never been more excited to work as a servant of the lord.
 The rest of the week went pretty well.  The mother of the santos family that we are teaching right now did not get baptized yesterday because she got sick but I have alot of faith that this week she will be ready to be baptized

On Friday night we had a family night it was super tight, there was like 4 families; 3 from our ward and the santos family. I gave a really good message on the Book of Mormon and how the scriptures can help us with any problem that we have.  Through personal revelation we can find the answers to all of our problems in the scriptures.  It was really cool and then wee played Karioke which was tight hahaha we had tons of fun.
I love you all
 This is a picture of me and 4 of the 6 American Elders that entered the CTM with me at our mission conference we had.

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