Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 35

Congratulations Joe Watanabe! Sapporo, Japan!  Well that was the mission I also wanted hahahah but yeah he will have fun trying to teach people that god even exsits haha while I am here in Brasil baptizing every week haha.  Only jealous and bitter a little.
Dad I got and liked your scripture of the week, keep them coming.
Well this week was really cool, we baptized the children of the family that we have been teaching and the Mom came and watched the baptism it was awesome!  The dad was there as well and it was his first time back to church in 21 years so yeah pretty special Sunday.  It was stake conference here and it was pretty cool. 
President and sister Ferrin where there and both spoke which was really great.  Sister Ferrin is so great, bless her heart haha they have been in the mission for the same amount of  time as me but sister Ferrin is still really struggling with the portuguese but she’s trying really hard.  When she was up at the pulpit I just kept picturing mom in japan trying to give a talk in broken japonese haha just trying not to pass out because of the 600 people that were listening.  It was pretty great and then afteward dad getting up and saying some joke that isnt even funny.  They are both really great. Since we had stake conference our zone baptized all together in one baptism.  it was soooooo legit.  We had 20 people in white: 12 baptisms and 8 elders to baptize it was really spiritual and there were 100 people watching.  The water was reallllllly cold and the weather that day was rather nippy for Brasil so when the people were coming out of the water it was so awesome like a new life literally!  I love baptizing people in freezing water- its the greatest part about the mission.  I baptized Nyckolous and a man the sisters taught named Weliton.  It was really cool and I am really getting good at laying people in the water haha but no matter how many times I baptize I still get the same feeling.  Its really awesome how strong the spirit is when you get ready to baptize and your are all in white its the best feeling on earth.  I feel sorry for the sisters because they dont get to enter the water.
On Saturday night the dad of the family we are teaching bore a really strong testimony about how he really wants to have his whole family strong in the church because he knows that its a good church for his family and that its the true organization of the Church of Jesus Christ.  It was really tight but his wife wasnt there to hear it! But she is liking everything so I think we should have another interesting week.
Almost forgot Patrick, my friend from sao jose dos campos, my last area came out and visited us for the weekend.  Hes doing really good and he just got ordained as an elder and is really growing in his faith really strong. Hes such an awesome guy and will be a amazing missionary.
I love you all and hope things are good
Elder Jensen

Mom-I am not sick from the river of Shiz.  I am fine and yes i finally got the package. thanks i loved the pics and I am pumped to make curry obviously it will be way lousy because idk how to cook but it will be better then nothing.

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