Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 34

Whats up in the crib of Littleton?
Well this week was pretty interesting.  
We really focused on this family that we found in the favela (Ghetto).  We went to their house every night, it was tight.  The family is reaalllly cool ,super nice and very receptive.  So on Tuesday at about 6pm it started to poooor rain, like a lot! And we were going over to this family’s house.  They live in the favela and the streets there are dirt. But the street they live on is like at the bottom of a valley, pretty much like 2 huge hills on each side. So with the rain their street turns into a river-like straight up-it was like brown and nasty and we had to cross this river to get to their house.  So by this time we were already soaking wet because of the rain so we just went for it and started to walk though this river but this river was sooo nasty like full of garbage and smelt like crap.  Elder Machado said "Oh great now we get to walk though the river of shiz!”  hahah sooo funny. It was crazy and the current was super strong.  I took 5 steps and then the water got knee deep and it was so strong that I fell over and seriously floated down the street like a straight up noob.  It was so funny I was just like laughing the whole time.  Luckily I wasn’t walking with my camera that day or it would have been toast.  So when we got to the members house I was drenched and super dirty and nasty because I just took a bath in the local favela sewage bath. but yeah, so they gave me a towel and I taught this family like super wet.  But wait it gets better because the next day when I woke up I was totally sick. awesome with a really gnarly cold. But I didn’t let it slow me down. so yeah the week was pretty good.  We taught this family like every day and they are really progressing pretty well.  This week the children will be baptized and they are both pretty excited so thats cool.  The mom is a little bit more difficult because she like to get her drank on with the girls.  What a great mom but the dad is really helping her and he is getting really in to the livor de Mormon (Book of Mormon) so thats cool.  He’s in jaco already! 
We also worked with another young man this week and he was baptized on Saturday.  He was supposed to get baptized with Welson but he had to spend the weekend with his dad so we pushed his date back one more week.  He is also really tight and way stoked to be a member.  He has already way good friends with the other deacons because like half of them showed up for his baptism.  It help that we bribed them with brownies!  hahah  But after sacrament meeting he asked me when he will get the priesthood and I said well lets talk to the bishop.  So we went and talked to the Bishop and Eduardo and the bishop had a interview right then and next week he will become a deacon awesome! He’s such a stud and I know he will be a good example to his family and help his mom stay strong in the church.
Elder Jensen 
Dad you are the dopest dad that ever lived hahaha you are only missing a mustache! I love you  (WE forwarded a picture of Chris wearing a long sleeved polyester shirt with an Eagle on it from Uncle Rico

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