Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 21

First off I didn’t get transferred.  I was just trolling (joking) hahaha just wanted mom to freak out just for fun hahaha.  I am horrible I know it!  So all is good. 
(Maternal Interjection here.  I was totally freaked out and worried and YES I will get him back for Trolling me)
Glad to hear you guys are having fun in Denver.  Thats cool that boons (David)  is Dads  home teaching comp as a 13 year old hahaha I miss him tons.  Glad its snowing. I was starting to think that this global warming stuff was real and that snow wouldn’t ever fall when I got back to the states!

So this week was pretty normal I guess. On pday we flew kites which was awesome fun.  Every boy in brazil over the age of 4 has a kite and all day every day thats all they do is fly kites. So elder Payne and I decided to fly kites on Pday It was pretty fun and cost a total of 1 real per kite so like 50 cents so it was a good activity. We went down to the park and we started to fly but apparently its actually kindof hard so it took us awhile to get ok at it and then I totally got my kite wrapped around a telephone wire but then I just bought a knew one. We flew kites like all day and elder Payne got super sunburned on his neck, Iit was great. 
Tuesday we had transfers and our whole district stayed in the same place it was pretty unexciting day.  
Both of are possible baptisms for this week  both decided that they didn’t want to be baptized so that was kinda dissapointing but I guess sometimes people are just really stubborn and don’t have faith.  
We started to teach a member Cassias cousin this week. Her name is Gabriela and shes soooo cool, she’s 18 and really nice and just really interested in learning about the church its really cool. We taught her the first lesson at the chapel with Cassia and it was just really a super good lesson.  Then the next day we were teaching her in this park after she got off work down in the city. We were teaching the plan of salvation and it was a really good lesson again. She pays attention and asks like the best questions, for example, “ So umm how do I go to the celestial kingdom?” or “You mean I can live with my family for ever?”  Shes great but after the lesson we were talking about the book of mormon and about her prayers and she responds that she didn’t really get any answers yet and then this homeless dude comes up to us, he is like supper wasted and just starts preaching about God and Jesus and the devil haha it was great.  We were all laughing are heads off but then he started singing some song about how Jesus loves us and believes in us. It was great and after like 10 minutes of trying to get this guy to leave us alone he finally leaves and Gabi is just like I don’t really know how to put this but that homeless guy just gave me an answer to my prayers and I know the book of mormon is true!  Elder Payne just starts laughing cuz hes a noob but I just looked at her and said, “thats awesome Gabi so will you go to church with us this week and be baptized next Sunday”?  Without hesitation she replied “Yes I will!”  It was sooo cool and made the phase God works in mysterious ways way more true.  It was like a super cool experience. So on Sunday she went to church and really liked it and said she just felt really different there. I love when people say that hahah its the best!  She is like really firm on getting baptized this Sunday. 

Thursday and Friday it rained a lot which really stinks.  It just isn’t very fun to walk in the rain all day, but it does feel good to not be in 40C weather which is like 104F so yeah its way to hot here.
We are teaching this old guy named José who is super cool he is pretty short little guy who has the coolest accent ever.  He says random words like suppppper high pitched voice. its so funny.  He wants to get baptized but he keeps bailing out on church so its kindof annoying and impossible to baptize him. Friday we taught him the word of wisdom and he said the he drank about 4 cups of coffee every day and how it makes sense why we don’t drink it because he knows he’s addicted to it. Every time we teach the word of wisdom the investigator always says the word addiction before we do.  Its really cool to see that people understand that these things are bad for them. José said he would quit drinking coffee but we will see how that goes. 
Pretty much every thing is going good here. I cant wait to talk to you guys over Christmas 
LOVE, Elder Jensen

Pictures of a baptism from last week and the Thanksgiving Dinner I made with Elder Payne

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