Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 27

 Well i got transferred to Guarulhos, a big city outside of Sao Paolo and its really tight.  my new comp is elder Machado he is from Argentina and he is super cool.  He has been out for a year and 4 months and hes a cool guy.  Our area is pretty much way sicker then my last area it has a lot more people its pretty cool.  We live on rua 13,  which is like the Federal of Denver haha like drugs all over the place and lotsssss of funk Brazilian music blasting right in front of our house.  Every night this dude blasts music like all night until 3 in the morning but it actually makes me sleep really well hahah  Our house is pretty cool we live on the upper story of a supermarket and it is pretty nice and we have a pretty cool view from the deck.  The house is much nicer then my other house so its cool but yeehaw in our house I live with 3 elders and none of them speak a lick of english...... so I haven’t said 1 word in English for the last 7 days. I would say my Portuguese is getting way better so its really tight.  I am pretty much talking easily but have definitely been praying for the dom de liguas or  gift of tongues a lot this week
The other elders in our house are really crazy and we get along really well. so things are really good here in BELA VISTA. Te ward is sooo cool its like double the size of my old ward and there are tons of really great families. Im not going to lie I am kinda stressing because I don’t know this area yet so I have a lot of people to meet and stuff to do here but man I am so excited to work this area is sooo legit.  Way more people in the street to talk to and the people are really open and chill. On Saturday we had this ward activity where 16 war members went out and did contacts with the us it was sooo sick!  We got 27 addresses and it was only an hour long!!!!! So we have soo many people to teach its crazy. Elder Machado’s old comp was a bit of a slaker and didn’t really do much work so when I arrived  here we pretty much started from 0.  It was kinda slow the first couple of days but now things are going awesome and I am really liking Guarulhos.  
All is good, I don’t have much time and got to go 
love you 
Elder Jensen

Tell the Jensen lassies they are awesome and congrats from me and that I want to see them dance.
Way dope picture of the Jensen boys first day of skiing!
I love you dad and wish I could be there to shred and play with you guys o yeah about boons I told david that he can have my stump jumpper bike just make sure he takes good care of it and that he rides every day in the summer with you cuz i want to ride with my old man when I get home  
This is a picture of my companion.  We are addicted to maté its soooo guuuuud 

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