Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 26

Dear Family,
First off I am super pumped for Nathan Jensen, that’s probably like the coolest most prefect call I could think of for him! I can just imagine him walking the streets in Taiwan just towering over everyone like a giant in his white shirt and tie with his mouth moving a million miles a minute and having Mandarin Chinese coming out of it all while he is holding a blue book in his hand. Its going to be a great 2 years for him and I know he is going to be a super great missionary. I have no doubt about it. 
This week has been pretty alright.  Monday we went to the sisters area and worked with them to try to get them out of a dry spot they are in.  They have a tendency to teach older men who just drink all day and aren’t really getting anywhere with their investigators.  So elder Payne and I went over and just went to a ton of members houses and asked for references and made contacts with young people like all day to try to get them some new people to teach.   It was pretty successful for the most part and it was pretty fun until we got rained on like a ton. haha  It rained soooo hard and we got soaked from  head to toe but that is an everyday activity here now so I am used to it I guess. When it was raining we saw this telephone pole about 10 yeards from us get struck by lightning and the power box on it exploded, it was so crazy. It was just like this super bright flash of light and then a big bang but it was tight and only scared us alot. So on Wednesday it rained all day again, it was pretty crappy so we were wet like the whole day again and we didnt really get that much stuff done. 
Thursday we taught Alisandra with our friend Patrick which was pretty good. When we knocked the door she was like you can only come in for 15 mins and we were ok cool and then we ended up talking for 1 hour and a half it was great but she felt like she is not ready to get baptized yet because she is a perfectionist.  Patrick a recent convert in our ward bore his testimony and man it was really cool he talked about how she needed to act on the feeling she is having and get baptized.  It was cool he shared a scripture that was really bold andd after he stopped talking Alisandra said “I felt something when you were talking” but she still wanted more time to think and pray before she gets baptized.  The members can be so powerful. 
We were dry this week (in terms of baptisms) unfortunatly and ended this trasfer kinda weak.  But on Saturday we went out to the boonies of our area to teach a member’s friend which was pretty cool.  We taught this lady named Erica and her mom the first lesson.  Their house was all cement and thats it and was lit by candles.  It felt like I was in a cave and they were both really excited to get a book a Mormon and to read it.  So I feel good about them but they cant go to church until next week. 
Saturday night we went out to the sushi place again and stuffed are faces it was great fun we had a good group of people go, like a going away party. I still might stay here, we still don’t no until tonight. 
Sunday we had a good service and this American dude showed up who speaks no Portuguese.  It was fun to speak English to him but he was just there for the week on a trip.  After church we chilled with Patrick because he is going up to Fortaleza to visit Elder De Oliviera, my old comp for a month.  Im  kinda jealous of him.  So yesterday will probably be the last time I see Patrick for a while so we took him to the bus station and said good byes. Sunday night we went over to josys house  for dinner and family night.  Elder payne and I made waffles and it was fun. 
A pretty good week but I am ready to leave this area and meet some new investigators but who knows maybe I will stay another transfer here.   This week I got alot of letters and your package mom so thanks for making me fat, but the steak strips are sooooo good love them.  I got a lot of letters, including Drew’s emails and man are they great!  He is such a good example to me and I cant believe he is a DL and training already.  His letters give me a lot of confidence and I have learned a lot from reading them so please keep sending them. 
I love you all
ok well peace out 
all is goood 

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