Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 24

Apparently “tight” has replaced "sick" as the adjective of the week

Well this week was awesome. 
Elder Payne and I are really starting to get the hang of it and we should have alot of success in the next couple of weeks here in Jardim Paulista. 
Monday for PDay we went over to Deigos house and ate lunch with him and played great dow like all day. It was super fun.  I was speaking really great Portuguese finally so that made it tight.  Deigo lives with his cousin Denis who is super cool and we just like chilled with him. Denis is really busy so we didn’t get to teach him but he said that next week he would come to church with us so thats tight!  It was a really good Pday We slaked lined for a little bit too.  This kid in the park just had one set up and I just walked the whole thing the first time it felt really nice to slack again, wish I had one out here it would be a good Pday activity but too heavy to carry around.  
New Years stuff not really a big deal.  Brazilians do the same thing for all their holidays which consists of drinking alot of beer and blasting funk that music I sent you for Christmas for like 24 hours straight.  It gets pretty annoying and eating chuhasco which is like Brazilian BBQ.  Bit it was pretty much a normal night for us we just stayed in and ate ice cream and got up on the top of our house and watched fire works and then went to bed or tried to but the music in the streets made it hard. I wish I could have been there for the family Japanese food party.  I really miss Japanese food here so much, but they do have yakults here so I drink them sometimes but thats pretty much the only Asian food I really eat, kind of sad.  It sounds like you guys had a fun break, wish I could have been there. The blind karaoke game they got from me, we used to play that at BYU all the time. I love it !
This week we were really hitting on all 4 cylinders, just teaching really well and working really great as a companionship and I have really started to get a lot more out of my personal study time with the new goals I set for myself.  This week we have been teaching Gabi’s younger sister Carol who is 19 and is super cool just like Gabi.  We watched the restoration video with her one night and afterward were talking about how she felt about it all.  Her response was really cool.  She said that the questions that Joseph Smith was asking were like the same questions she had and she felt really good about this church!  It was tight so she went to church with us and I definitely think she will get baptized this Sunday!  Saturday night we went over to Carols and Gabi’s house with 3 more  investigators and we taught a really great lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It went really well and after the lesson elder Payne made brownies and the girls Gabi and Carol were just like making tons of food.
We are also teaching these 4 girls that live on Joyses street, the lady we had Christmas with, and all of them want to get baptized to, so thats really too cool.  We taught them the word of wisdom on Friday and one of them told us that she had given up coffee 2 days earlier because she found out about the word of wisdom online and felt bad cuz she was drinking 3 cups of coffee every day.  Elder Payne and I were just like sooo stoked when she told us!  I was like running around the house just like yeeeeesssss!  One of them had to take a big test this Sunday but the other 3 went to church with us so we should have 4 baptism this Sunday if everything goes right.  So right now we are really focused on these 4 investigators to get them baptized this week but we also have a lot of other investigators who have a lot of potential this random girl from Rio came to our ward this week and she brought a friend who lives in our area and is a nonmember and is interested in hearing the lessons so thats cool.  We also have a couple of families who seen pretty cool  but honestly this week is going to be really good and really busy so I am really excited to teach and work this week.  Hopefully everything will go as planed and we can finish this transfer off strong and with some baptisms. 

Glad to hear that all of you are having fun and well 
love you 
Elder Jensn  (thats how people here say it haha so funny)

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