Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 29

Dear Family 
Well this week was a little bit less dope that my last few weeks.
Its Carnival here in brazil which is like Mardi Gras but way more intense. Pretty much it is NOT GOOOOOOD FOR MISSIONARY WORK.  It was a hard week because everyone was either traveling our just partying.  So remember how we live on like a super sketchy street?  Well this week every night there were like tons of people in the street dancing to samba and funk ALL NIGHT.  It made it really hard to sleep as you could imagine. hahah On Saturday night I literally didn’t sleep at all. It was dooooope! but as dad says sleep is for the weak so its all good. I am fine just kinda zombie like. But this week we still managed to pull out a baptism and we meet some pretty cool people. 
On Wednesday, we had interviews with President Ferrin and man was it awesome. I talked to him for about 40 mins and I learned a lot and I am really glad he is my mission president.  He is teaching us all about obedience and about being excited when we work and having a smile. It was cool. I really have learned how to be more enthusiastic about my work here with elder Machado and I really think it makes a big difference in our teaching. The obedience part of being a missionary is a never ending effort.  There is always something that you can do better. I would say that elder Machado really understand the correlation between how obedient we are and how much the Lord helps us in our work so its pretty cool.  And we astrive to keep even the littlest of rules.  When we were waiting to be interviewed on Wednesday the Assistants gave us a really cool training on trusting in our Mission president because he was called of God. Our assistants our really cool and I really look up to them.  It was a really great training I learned a lot. 
This week we got a reference for this lady who is about 35 and is way cool we started to talk to her about life just to try to get to know her and she pretty much just like tells us her life story.  It was crazy she has been smoking, drinking and using drugs like addicted to all of them for 20 years.  She started when she was about 15 and how now she really wants to stop because she is loosing her children because she cant take care of them. Its crazy her oldest child is 17 and he is super tight. Hes like really straight edge and pretty much takes care of his mom. This lady told us that she has been sober for 3 days and that she was praying for help so we taught her the word of wisdom and it went really well and on Sunday she came to church and she really liked it.  But shes kinda crazy so idk how things will go with her.  So I am excited to really teach this family and help this mom a change her life and keep her family together. I know that this gospel can really change her life and really help this family. 
Today we went to a street called the 25 of May in downtown Sao Paulo which is just like a huge market.  It was pretty cool and I bought a new pair of shoes. So I had to take out some money.
But yeah this week was all right but I have faith that this next week will be better. I love you and hope all is well 

This is a picture of our Assistants, Elder Toala from Samoa.  He goes home in a month. Tell Carson Crawford he is interested.  We traded ties so we took a photo. hes super dope! 
Elder Machado has gained 45 pounds on his mission!  Haha I am scared for my well being
Im the only Elder in my Zone that speaks English! Help Me!!! JK

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