Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 25

ear Family

This week went pretty good.  Unfortunately though when 3 of our investigators talked to their parents this week about baptism and their parents said  that if they were baptized they would all be living on the streets the next week so we only had 1 of are 4 baptisms.  But at least we still had one. Her name was Carol, she is the older sister of Gabi the girl we baptized a few weeks ago and she is just as cool as Gabi. 
This week it was really cold for brazil actually which means about 60 degrees, so it was pretty cool, but it was also really rainy so I was soaking wet every day.  When we got back to the house it was great! Love it.  So yesterday when we had our baptism it was pretty cold and the water in the font is like only cold water so it was already bad enough with those two elements but apparently the elders in are zone baptized in our church last Sunday night and all of are  baptism jumpsuits were still wet from the week before.  So carol had to put on a cold wet jump suit and then go in to the cold water to get baptized.  It was so bad but elder Payne baptized her and I witnessed and her face when she came out of the water was priceless, she was just like shocked, like mom’s face when she jumps off cliffs in lake Powell.  I thought she was going to do one of those wicked screams like Mom.  It was great and it was a pretty cool service and she was totally excited about it.  Gabi spoke about how happy she was that her sister was getting baptized and man the spirit was super strong. 
That was definitely the best part of the week. Today for Pday we got a tons of youth from our ward and went to the city park and had a picnic and slaked lined like all day and played soccer and great dow (the card game) it was really fun.  It was mostly all of our recent converts so it was  a really good time. It was kinda sad though because this might be my last Pday in this area because transfers are next week. SO I guess we will see.  I would be fine with staying here, its a really good area and elder Payne and I are starting to really get the hang of things.  We teach like crazy and try to get as many people to come to church with us which makes the weeks really go fast.  We  only have time to think on Sunday and Monday. 
On Tuesday our ZL came to our area and we did splits with him it was fun. Three Americans just teaching like fools!.  This week we focused on this mom and her daughter to prep them to be baptized next week.  I think they are pretty excited and I  hope they dont have any problems  but I guess thats just part of it.  It makes it more fun when you get to really help change people’s lives instead of just telling people things and they accept them.  
So funny story we went to Jos√©s house this older guy like 65 and talked to him alittle to find out why he didnt go to church last week.  It turns out he went to church he just didn’t enter.  He lives kinda far and is a little bit old so when he got there he said he was like super sweaty and he felt like he could not go inside all sweaty so he just turned around and went home.  He was laughing his head off when he told us the story.  He is great and really funny. 
I want to make a shout out to my little brother Nathan.  I am so proud of him for his choice to serve a mission and I know without a doubt he will be a killer missionary and will help tons of people wherever he is sent.  Nathan has always been an example to me being that he was always super obedient it made me feel bad when I did stupid things in front of him haha!  But I am just glad to have a brother as sick as Nathan, the sexy 6.4 blondy haha.  I  miss him tons and wish him a good mission.
I love you all 
Elder Jensen

Answers to your questions:  
there are no zones in brasil that rides bikes, its just to dangerous cuz people eat it to much 
I dont need any other clothes right now
and I am stoked for Aya 
We played soccer in this dome
This is one of our great members of our ward

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