Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 30

Dear Family

 Well this week went realllllllly fast. It feels like I just wrote you a letter yesterday.
So first off I got Sarah’s wedding invitation this week which was really nice. Just like to say congrats to her and David and I am sure they will be great together and only a little sad that I was the only big cousin who wasn’t there but I guess that’s a mission.
So when all of you were shredding the gnar (skiing and snowboarding) this week I was here in brazil melting of heat exhaustion. This week it was like 40 c everyday at least which is like 105 F until about 5 o’clock and then it just pours fat rain all night long and by the time we get to the house we are just like drenched!  its super tight!  This week went pretty well. On Tuesday we went the sister’s area and made contacts all day to help them find some new people, it was a pretty cool day actually.  We went to the biggest favella (ghetto) in their area and just started teaching every one.  After  3 hours these 6 big dudes came up to us and asked us “what was up” and we explained that we were missionaries and stuff.   The leader was like “oooooo alright I thought you boys were from the police and we was about to pop you all” speaking in the most ghetto Portuguese I have ever heard in my life.  It was sooo intense but then he said “but you guys are from the church?” and I was like yeah we just want to teach about Jesus and this guy who is like the king of the favella said “you know what? you guys need to baptize every one in this place!” so he told us to hold on and he left and came back in  10 mins with 30 people and we straight up taught a sermon to all these people.  It was sooo cool and it was only alittle bit scary.  Haha but way tight story!

So the rest of the week my comp was really pumped to teach poor people in the favellas so it was an interesting week. In the favellas it is really easy to teach people because the people have nothing but they are really lazy and have a lot of problems so I have mixed feelings about teaching a lot there.  So the area we are working in is pretty compacted, which is tight because we get to teach a lot more. We are teaching a ton of people its going really good.  We have a girl in our ward who is 19 and she is getting ready to serve a mission and she has decided to try to teach and baptize the rest of her family before she leaves on her mission. So we have been going over to her house a lot to work with her family and teach.  Its pretty cool,  Her parents are stubborn but she has a lot of brothers so we are going to baptize 2 of them this week which should be tight and hopefully the parents will come and watch. ummmm  I really cant think today so I am just going to end, my mind is fried from the heat but I I love you all
I hope all is well. 
When people ask me what my first name is I tell them Gabriel because no one can say Aaron hahaha its so funny so that’s my new name.

This is a picture of a part of our area called Cabuçu, its really pretty but way far away.  There are about 50 members that live out there so we are trying to start a branch out there which is pretty exciting. I think it would be tight to have another 2 elders in our ward to work out in that area so we could really get this branch started.

Thanks for the photos of you skiing on Presidents Day! Does Connor have a mustache!!!!!! super jelly (very jealous) man that looks sooo great not going to lie I really want to ride right now but instead its been about 110 degrees here for the last week. So its tight

Translation:  tight is great and horrible, just a universal adjective like fetch.

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