Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 23 - New Years!

Hello & Happy New Year 
This week was really great to talk to all of you! it was definitely a really weird experience and i am stilll freaking out how much david has already changed holy cow he is like a different person already. so this week we pretty much lived at the Andrade families house because we went there on Monday night for Christmas eve, went there on Christmas like the whole day and then on Wednesday we had lunch with them, it was great and we are teaching like a lot of there friends so its super tight. 
but ok so first off i officially gained 4 pounds this week because like all we did this week was eaaaaaaat.  It was great fun but now i am pretty much like going crazy dieting so i can lose it because i dont want to be fat hahah. 
This week the missionary work was a little delayed but it definitely happened.  OWednesday we were feeling really lazy so we just decided to work our butts off and really try to get a ton of new people it was cool we went out with Josy the mom of the andrade family and talked to like 4 families on their street it was super cool and we taught some really good lessons. and this is pretty much how like the whole week went were just worked really hard, talked to every one and just really wanted to bring like every one to church. 
Sunday came around and we and like 17 people that said the were going to come to church and we were like really stoked but of course only 1 of them actually came hahah but whatever I guess at least we had some at church with us. but church was really good elder Payne and i talked in sacrament meeting!!!!!!  We were the only speakers so i was pretty nervous and only peed my pants a tiny bit  we both talked on missionary work and how members need to bring people to church and really be missionaries it was a pretty good sacrament meeting and I only cried for like 30 secs  when I was bearing my testimony it was sooo cool just to look down at the congregation at my recent baptisms. The best part of church tho was afterward our investigator this 65 year old guy named Jose came up to me and said  i like it and am definitely coming back next week it was pretty sick hahah he said he didnt want to get baptized yet because he want to get his wife to come  and be baptized with him so we will see how it goes. 
Sunday night we had a family night with the andrade family and it was awesome, 8 investigators ended up coming and the spirit was really strong and after we played some fun games the best part tho was when Gabi the girl we baptized this last week and confirmed yesterday bore her testimony. Man it was sick she brought her older sister and it was crazy she talked about how much her life changed now that she is a member of this church and how she thinks so much differently about her life and just how much happy she is know that she has this purpose in her life. it was so cool when she was talking i was just like so happy to be a missionary and to know that I am actually helping people change and bring happiness to people's lives it was really cool experience. 
so today being the last day of 2012 I have being  thinking of how i can improve and change.  How I can be a better missionary a better comp and a better Representative of Jesus Christ.  It is  a new year and a great chance for us to change ourselves for the better.  I wish you all a happy new year and hope that you can all make at least one goal that will push you to be a better person and a better member a better example or whatever 
I love You

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